Fitness Focus offers Personal Training, Pilates, Tailored Massage both relaxing and/or remedial (if treating an injury). We specialise in one-one Personal Training, Partner Training and Small Groups of up to 6 participants.

A personal training session is as individual as you and depending upon your goals and aspirations, fitness routines are put together after an initial detailed consultation. We bring fitness to your home, place of work or a local convenient location. All clients are regularly assessed (upon request) and nutritional advice is inclusive with your training session.

What ever your goal:

  • Weight Loss / Toning
  • Corrective Posture
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Weight Gain / Toning
  • Pre – Post Natal Exercise
  • Improving Strength /  Flexibilty
  • Body Conditioning / Body Building
  • Having a Pilates Lengthened and Strengthened Body
  • Preparing for a Sports Event (Sports Specific Training)